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Copy Editing, Content Editing, and Other Services for Authors


Polishing Your Manuscript

Whether you're self-publishing or are going the traditional route, there's nothing as satisfying as turning in a clean manuscript!


Copy editing is a process that requires very different skills from writing and content editing: an eagle eye for mistakes and inconsistencies, a strong grasp of English grammar and usage, and familiarity with style guides and dictionaries (any copy editor's best friends).


Copy editing is my favorite part of the process. It's all about the nitty-gritty: checking and correcting spelling and grammar, line editing to polish language, and ensuring accuracy and stylistic consistency.


Communicate with Clarity

Are you conveying your core message as clearly as possible? Do your lessons and methods build on each other and make sense to a reader unfamiliar with the subject? Do your stories make the impact you want?

I provide content editing services for prescriptive books in the broad genre of self-help. I'll help you with your book's overall structure and quality while maintaining your voice. This phase can involve recommending section rewrites, restructuring outlines/flow within chapters, and ghostwriting.


Elevate Your Editorial Content

Your editorial content is an essential component of marketing your book — but publishing compelling, original blog posts, newsletters, social media content, and more requires time you just don't have. This is where I come in. Let's talk about how to round out your marketing efforts with excellent editorial (or strengthen your editorial in general, separate from your book).

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I edited six bestselling self-help books by Gabrielle Bernstein: Super Attractor, Judgment DetoxThe Universe Has Your Back (#1 NYT bestseller), May Cause MiraclesMiracles Now, and Spirit Junkie.

I've also worked as copy editor for and DailyCandy, copywriter for the MoMA Design Store, social media copywriter for the College Board, proofreader for Metropolis magazine, editorial director for Gabrielle Bernstein Inc., and more.

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By now I hope it's clear that I'm a writer and editor. I've been doing both since I could smash words together as a kid growing up in metro Detroit.


After graduating with an English degree from the University of Michigan, I moved to New York and completed my M.A. in journalism from New York University. I spent eight years in NYC, where I launched my freelance career.

After a stint back in Ann Arbor for my husband's Ph.D., we now live in Pittsburgh. Fun fact: Every single person in this city owns at least one Steelers jersey, including the goth kids. 



Whether you're sure what you want or just have questions, reach out with an email. I'd love to talk.

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